Biosafety Services

Biosafety & Biosecurity Risk Assessment

Biosafety is an inexact science, and the interacting systems of agents and activities and the people performing them are constantly changing. (Diane Fleming, Biological Safety, 3rd ed) A risk assesment is used to determine the hazards associated with specific procedures, reduce the risk of handling hazardous materials and to implement mitigation strategies to provide protection for workers and the environment. This process is based on valid information about the pathogenicity of the specific agents, as well as host range, route of transmission, stability in the environment, laboratory practices, the laboratory environment, availability of treatment, and others. DLS can assist you with performing risk assessments in order to safely conduct laboratory operations.

Biosecurity is a relatively new concept to the scientific community that presents difficult challenges in the laboratory. Most laboratory personnel are not accustomed to operating in a security-conscious environment. Conversely, physical security personnel are generally unfamiliar with laboratory operations. The DLS approach combines the expertise of laboratory scientists and physical security experts to assess your needs while working within your budget in a manner that is least disruptive to your operations and personnel, but at the same time instilling a higher awareness of the science and security paradox.