Our Affiliates

The International Biological Threat Reduction program, a division of Sandia's Global Security Program, enhances United States and international security by reducing biological threats worldwide.  The three highest goals of Sandia's International Biological Threat Reduction program are: (1) Enhance safety, security, and containment of dangerous biological agents in bioscience facilities, (2) Strengthen capacities to detect and control dangerous biological agents, and (3) Improve understanding and mitigation of biological threats. More information about IBTR can be found here.

The U.S. Department of State Biosecurity Engagement Program (BEP), located within the Office of Cooperative Threat Reduction, is committed to developing cooperative international programs that promote the safe, secure and responsible use of biological materials that are at risk of accidental release or intentional misuse.  More information about BEP can be found by clicking here.

Our Biosafety Consultant

Robert Heckert Consulting, LLC is a small business that provides advice and guidance on all issues of biosafety and biocontainment. Our firm has biosafety experts with over 25 years of experience doing animal health research that can provide on site reviews, guidance on interpretation of regulations, biosafety training, program reviews and facility planning. Dr. Heckert is a veterinarian (DVM) with a PhD who is recognized by the American Biological Association as a Certified BioSafety Professional (CBSP) and by the American Society for Microbiology as a Specialist Microbiologist (SM) in Biological Safety Microbiology. More information about Robert Heckert Consulting, LLC can be found here.